Ways We Give Back

By Valerie Pound

As an Executive Assistant for two Presidents, my plate stays pretty full. I definitely get to wear multiple hats, like today when I had the opportunity to play an elf and select a family to help for Christmas. I was very excited to speak on air about the family, our company, employees and our decision to give back to the communities that we serve.
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This year wasn’t the first time we, as a company, have participated in giving back. Last year we were able to bless a family of three with all of their Christmas wishes. So it is with a joyful heart this year, we celebrate a growth within our own corporate family and the ability to give back on a greater level. We selected a family of five for this Christmas. When I spoke with the mother, she could not believe her family was selected and started crying with the hope that her kids would have a Christmas after all!

We bless others in all different ways. From a smile and a kind word to donating not only our money but our time. Several of our employees, through the Southeast Chapter of IAEE, donated their time with a game night at the Atlanta Hope Lodge, which provides lodging to cancer patients and caregivers.


When the coastal flooding occurred earlier this year, one of our employees took it upon herself to organize a collection of items to send to the residents affected in South Carolina. Employees brought in a variety of items from shampoo and conditioner to bottled water and clothing.

I am humbly reminded time and time again of how the employees in the US office have such a big heart! Remember, as you become a blessing to others, you set yourself up to be blessed!

Happy Holidays from the Messe Frankfurt North America Team!


2 thoughts on “Ways We Give Back”

  1. Wonderful message and great ideas. Thanks Valerie and the rest of Messe Frankfurt for making others wishes come true.

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