Q&A: Texworld USA Brand Ambassador, Veronica Apsan

Texworld USA is proud to announce it’s first Brand Ambassador for the Summer 2018 Edition, Veronica Apsan. The Brand Ambassador will serve as Texworld USA’s representative mainly for social media and other digital content. She will be doing a series of interviews with our exhibitors, attendees, and personalities during the event  – all on the show floor!

Veronica represents a special segment of Texworld USA’s audience — young and independent designers who aspire to design and create sustainable, functional and stylish clothing. We can’t wait to see what fresh, new perspective she brings to the Texworld USA Summer 2018 show. Let’s get to know Veronica a little more in this week’s Q&A:

Veronica, tell us about yourself:
I am a recent graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, with a BFA in Fashion Design: on the forefront of Sportswear and Textile experimentation. I am always challenging myself, often taking an approach that is less comfortable and more innovative. This year, I’ve been recognized for my efforts in Leadership, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship: S.U.N.Y Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence, MICHAEL A. NOETH SERVICE AWARD, The Future of Fashion Runway Show, Genspace Scholars Program.


What are some of your goals as a Fashion Designer?
I’m known for being a game changer,  embracing opportunities in my life as a leader, explorer of ideas, and as a contributor to society— so, my goal as a Fashion Designer is to make a positive difference in the world, and to become a vehicle for advancements in Fashion, Textiles, and Sustainable Technology. I believe that sustainability and textile innovation is an inevitable part of the future of fashion. I aspire to empower this generation and the next to be confident in their talents and become leaders in their field.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion?
I’ve wanted to become a Fashion Designer since I could pick up a pencil. My father nurtured my artistic talents since I was very young, teaching me drawing techniques, color composition, and perspective.  On the other hand, My mom is a self-taught interior designer/fashionista. She filled our home with paintings and sculptures from all over the world and expressed herself through her clothes and decorating our home. I grew up surrounded by the arts and with a fascination for fabrics and clothing design. At 5 years old, I was designing clothes on paper for my friends and cutting swatches from my mom’s leftover fabric pieces.

So, your childhood is an important source of inspiration, where do you hope to channel that inspiration within your work?
Four years ago, my aspirations as a Fashion Designer expanded when I observed the emotional and physical tolls that [medical] treatments take on patients. I aspire to conquer the challenge of using fashion to heal. Deep changes in fashion come with new developments in fabric technology. Fashion is becoming more human, closer to the needs of the people in terms of their well-being. The concept of being able to use textiles that can actually do more than cover our bodies is more than fascinating but will create a new relationship between textiles, technology, and human. Which in turn, will provide a host of new benefits to everyone. From sportswear to the medical field, technology and fashion, when combined will be a formidable force for the betterment of our minds, bodies, and environments. This is the philosophy of my emerging fashion label.

Tell us about a few of your past and current projects: 
I’ve created a platform called FASHIONTV.NYC for millennials and Gen Z: Designers, Entrepreneurs,  and Fashionistas alike. My mission with FASHIONTV.NYC is to inspire this generation and the next to be confident in their talents and strive to become leaders in their respective fields. Not being afraid to ask questions, take risks, and step out of our comfort zones. Along with that,  FASHIONTV.NYC highlights the future of fashion, culture, technology, and sustainability.

Last but not least, I mentor youth and inspire them to exceed expectations in personal growth, leadership, business, and the arts. My work has been in collaboration with Culture for One Foster Care Program, Make-A-Wish America, United Federation of Teachers, and Children of United Nation Foundation.

What textile trends are you most excited to see at Texworld USA’s Summer 2018 Edition?
I’m extremely excited to see how geometric prints evolve this summer with color, shape, and 3d printed design. I loved how each vendor brought their unique,  cutting-edge vision to textile trends, and that I had a plethora of fabric to explore and choose from!

What was your favorite part about the Texworld USA Winter 2018 show?
My favorite part of the Texworld USA Winter 2018 show was the Trend Forecasting Seminars and TexTalks. I love that Texworld USA provides an event not only to buy and sell fabric, apparel, and accessories but also an education platform to learn and expand your knowledge in business and sustainability.

veronica aspan
Veronica at Texworld USA Winter 2018 Edition

What’s your favorite fabric/material to work with?
My favorite material to work with has to be outerwear materials. I started fashion design with a love for outerwear because it’s the first article of clothing people see.  Whether its heavy fabric for the winter or lightweight fabric for the spring/summer, it’s the statement piece when putting an outfit together, and I’m all about making a Fashionable statement! Next, I would have to choose spandex/stretch materials because of the comfort and flexibility qualities for sportswear design.

How valuable do you think tradeshows are for independent designers like you?
Trade shows are PIVOTAL in growing your business. Success is inevitable as an independent designer when you put yourself, and your brand out there at well-respected industry shows. At trade shows, we have the opportunity to gain brand recognition and observe how others in the field are communicating their brand. You have the potential to get your work in front of a lot of new sets of eyeballs. It’s a chance to ask a lot of questions and gain constructive feedback to better your product.   You also have the opportunity to meet and network with industry people face to face in a professional but still comfortable environment, which is a great way to set up meetings or possible collaborations.


For more information about the Texworld USA visit http://www.texworldusa.com.

To register for the 2018 Summer edition of Texworld USA, click here.

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