Top 10 Social Media Tips for Exhibitors

Social Media has become an integral part of the trade show experience as of lately, especially as an exhibitor. Show attendees want to connect with exhibitors on a professional level. Whether this is your first time exhibiting or you consider yourself an exhibiting guru, these pointers can help you reach your target audience at your next show.

1. Make sure you are following the show on all of its social media outlets

2. Use the show hashtag when you post anything on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all use hashtags) regarding the show – this enables others to search for your posts and will ultimately result in more people following you on social media

3. If you are posting about the show on Twitter, make sure to tag the show Twitter account in your tweet

4. If you are posting about the show on Facebook, make sure to tag the show Facebook page in your post

5. Before the show, make sure to post on Facebook and Twitter that you will be exhibiting at the show, your booth number, and that you will be posting from the show. This will remind people to follow your posts.

6. Post links on your company Twitter or Facebook that go to articles and news about your company. (If you do not have links available, you can always set up a Google Alert with your company name and you will be e-mailed when anything is posted on the Internet with your company name.)

7. While at the show, post pictures of your booth and products on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – this gives your followers something with which to associate you (ex. What you do or where they can find you at the show)

8. Reply to others at the show when they post items on Facebook or Twitter – especially if they post something on your company Facebook or Twitter.


9. Retweet on Twitter or Share on Facebook when you see a post that is about your company.

10. When something is posted on the show Facebook or Twitter account, Retweet or Share in order to help get the word out about the show – resulting in more attention at your booth during the show.

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