Meet the Team: Kia Ford

Year Started: 2016

Department: International Sales
Position: International Sales Associate

Describe yourself in 3 words.

  • Silly (a “good” silly of course)
  • Creative
  • Positive

Tell us about your typical day at Messe Frankfurt?
A typical day on the job for me begins when I make my signature cup of coffee. I will then check my email and follow up with inquiries pertaining to my shows from exhibitors and exhibitor prospects, the office team, as well as from Frankfurt. I do some data entry and update my files. Normally, after this, I consider what show(s) need to be touched on that particular day after I review our numbers. Then, I begin calling. I call exhibitor prospects to fill booths for my shows and returning exhibitors to give more information about what to expect. I am actively working on Creativeworld, Paperworld, Prolight+Sound, Musikmesse, and Christmasworld.


What is your favorite thing about your job?
My favorite thing about my job is definitely the interaction with the exhibitors and exhibitor leads. I am able to listen to them and engage when they discuss their passions for their industries, products, and business goals. As I mentioned, I consider myself to be creative and the industries that I work with are in-line with my hobbies outside of work. It is fulfilling that I can share exhibitors’ passions about their products and their industries.

Where can we usually spot you outside of Messe Frankfurt?
I love finding music events or performances around the city. Usually, my friends and I will be together, enjoying a bar, eating a bunch of food, appreciating a music performance, or doing some random art project in Atlanta neighborhoods like East Atlanta Village, Poncey Highland, West Midtown (or anywhere that has a prominent creative scene.) I also enjoy being in nature, just strolling around, taking in the beauty.

Name 5 of your favorite things.

  • Savory meals (extra credit for meals that incorporate spicy peppers/sauce or melted cheese)
  • Music
  • Art (pastel mediums are probably my favorite)
  • Priceless moments with people that I care about
  • My iPhone is also pretty fantastic

What’s on your playlist now?
Wow… where to begin? Which playlist? I have several to match different moods and ambiances. I have artists like Rage Against the Machine and Outkast to Ludwig van Beethoven and Anderson .Paak. There is far too much music and too many playlists to only choose one. They are all favorites and serve different purposes.


What are some interesting non-work related items we can find in your cubicle?
My bulletin board is kind of cool. I stapled a gorgeous, golden fabric that I got from an African shop on the West End, as a backdrop. I have work-related things pinned on the board, but there are also some photos of friends and family pinned to it. There is a pretzel ornament, which was given to me as a gift. The display on the board that everyone tends to laugh at is a Pablo Picasso print (The Old Guitarist) and I have a not-so-flattering photo of Britney Spears’ face pinned on the body of the man on the print.

What is one interesting fact that people might not know about you?
I was born in Frankfurt, Germany. I come from a military family. It’s coincidental that I work for a Frankfurt-based company now, or possibly fate.

If you could give advice to anyone who’s interested in the trade show industry what would it be?
Be ready to work and work hard. This is an exciting industry with many rewards — just know that you will have to work for success. This is true no matter what facet of the industry that you work in.

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