Meet the Team: Jeffery Johnson

Year started: 2014
Department: Sales
Position: International Sales Manager

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Intellectually Innovative Renegade

Tell us about your typical day at Messe Frankfurt?
On any typical day at Messe Frankfurt, I am making magic happen. We are the facilitators of dreams. We create opportunity out of thin air…literally a slab of concrete and a vision.

What is your favorite/best thing about your job?
Sales….I love sales…I love the easy sell…I love the hard sell. I love turning no into yes. I never take no for an answer.

Where can we usually spot you outside of Messe Frankfurt?
Staying active…working out, eating too much, climbing trees and playing with fireworks…I’m a kid at heart.

Name 5 of your favorite things
A slow mellow groove, a heavy intense workout, a Poboy on a fresh French roll, my wife’s eyes, and my children’s laughter.

What’s on your playlist now?
Jidenna, Nathaniel Rateliff, Lupe Fiasco, The Weeknd, Childish Gambino, Alabama Shakes, A tribe Called Quest, and Run the Jewels…I’m always bumping something.

If you could give advice to anyone who’s interested in the trade show industry what would it be?
Work hard, play hard. Keep calm and see the big picture at all times.

One interesting non-work related item we can find in your office/cubicle is:
A Capri Sun that is missing the straw….truly a shame.

Tell us about your most memorable trade show experience.
Every moment is memorable…you work for months…sometimes years for a finished product that lasts 3-5 days. You have to embrace every moment.


What is one interesting fact that people might not know about you?
I love anime!

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