Messe Frankfurt celebrates #GED17

Last week, Messe Frankfurt North America participated in the second annual Global Exhibitions Day (#GED17), which celebrated the Trade Show Industry and its influence on the globalized market. Organized by UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, #GED17 received an international response of connection and solidarity. With 108 billion dollars in revenue and 1.8 million dollars in jobs and tax income, GED17 connected many of the friendly faces that contribute to those incredible industry figures. In a statement made by Messe Frankfurt North America’s President and CEO, Dennis Smith, “Messe Frankfurt, Inc. employs industry professionals all across Canada, US and Mexico. Through our trade events, we aren’t only creating opportunities for our exhibitors and attendees, we are contributing to the welfare of the many families that are benefiting from the trade show ecosystem.” GED17 was a successful day of community that recognized the significance this industry has on the worldwide economy.


Messe Frankfurt’s presence on Wednesday could not be ignored as subsidiaries from every corner of the world engaged on social media to show support of #GED17. This year’s Global Exhibition’s Day campaign message was “Think Global, Act Local,” a theme Messe Frankfurt North America strongly believes in. Our website will tell you “globalization is more than a vision, it is a reality,” and with business relationships in every continent, each one of us at Messe Frankfurt can attest to this. The North American subsidiary joined the global network of 30 subsidiaries and 55 international sales partners 25 years ago, developing exponentially since its establishment in 1991. With a portfolio of 10 US shows including the automotive industry powerhouse, Automechanika — which occupies 15 different countries – our global network keeps expanding. Nonetheless, the locality of this industry is where much of its success can be credited. We value our role in bringing like-minded people together for face-to-face business, regardless of industry or nationality.



TechTextil 2016 - Kamera Studio-7

While Messe Frankfurt, Inc. is established in places all over the world, we form a small community that continues to reach new heights with each passing show. Events like Texworld USA, considered to be the largest fabric and apparel sourcing event on the East Coast which also features a pavilion at  Texworld Paris, saw 4,471 verified visitors from a total of 55 countries at the 2016 show. Texworld USA is preparing for its Summer 2017 edition this July, and is expected to set even more records. Techtextil, the leading international fair for technical textiles and non-wovens occurs in China, India, Russia, Germany and the US, combining more than 28,000 visitors from 102 countries. The Techtextil North America show will be held in Chicago this June and should prove very successful for its 14th year. These regional shows, originally made to accommodate regional differences, have become instrumental to the umbrella brand’s success. By bringing industry professionals together from around the world these regional differences are revealed as unique contributions which encourage inspiration and innovation within the industry itself. This collaboration among industries forms the backbone of the exhibition business further proving that globalization can be localized if you keep things face-to-face.



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