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Formnext powered by TCT, is now in its third year of bringing together industry professionals from one of the most revolutionary industries to date. Formnext is the product of a strategic partnership between Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH in Stuttgart and Rapid News Publications, Ltd., organizer of the TCT show + Personalize. The show is about the next generation of intelligent manufacturing technology and focuses on the efficient realization of parts and products, from design to serial production. With 290 exhibitors and several keynote speakers (covering topics anywhere from industrial tooling, design & product development to training and education), Formnext is sure to provide attendees and exhibitors an experience they won’t soon forget. In preparation for its 3rd annual show this November, Formnext has published Fon, the Formnext magazine that features articles on industry trends and this year’s focus: additive manufacturing – the technical term for 3-D printing.

“If you’re not excited by 3-D printing it’s because you’re not thinking big enough, say some technology visionaries who predict that life on Earth will soon radically change because of it,” taken from an article titled How 3-D printing Will Radically Change the World  by CNBC writer Linda Federico-O’Murchu. In her article, Federico-O’Murcho interviews experts who explain how this technology will impact aspects of many different industries, but most dramatic is its potential in the medical field. Fon covers a fascinating story about an additive manufacturing technique that uses selective laser sintering of synthetic powders to create a custom-fit prosthesis for a disabled four-year-old named Emma. The Highlight editorial in Fon shares how important this technology is for Emma and thousands of children like her whose quality of life is seriously improved by a 3-D printed prosthetic. Emma’s story is just one of many that proves the incredible possibilities of this technology.

The 2017 Formnext conference, powered by TCT, will explore the latest developments in additive manufacturing in a two-part presentation series. The applications on display will cover the aerospace, healthcare, automotive, heavy industry, and tool and form-making sectors, among several others. While the primary focus is on additive manufacturing, Formnext will also offer a remarkable amount of exhibitors who stand out for both their international quality and the range of industries they represent. From the mechanical engineering industry, topnotch representatives including Hermle, Matsuura, Sodick, and DMG subsidiary Sauer will be in attendance. Formnext 2017 has also expanded their roster in measurement technology, post processing, and software exhibitors. Among these many firsts, the 2017 edition will utilize two levels of Messe Frankfurt’s Hall 3 (including the ground floor level to showcase significantly heavier machines) to accommodate its continuing growth.


For the third year now, Formnext will offer an exciting opportunity for new manufacturing companies with The Start-up Challenge. The Start- up Challenge gives promising young companies recognition with the chance to exhibit at Formnext powered by TCT. The contest, for additive manufacturing companies 5 years or younger who have a product or service that is market ready, runs until early July. Five lucky winners will be chosen by a high-profile jury made up of recognized representatives from the realms of science, industry, and investment. After winning the 2016 competition trinckle, a software and service provider, and the printer manufacturer Sinterit, have evolved into successful enterprises that have established themselves firmly in the market. If you would like to enter The Start- up Challenge click here for more Information.


The winners Additive Elements, Mcubus, Xioneer and 3yourmind at the presentation of awards of Start-up Challenge 2016


Visitor registration opens in July and if you are a professional in this exciting and dynamic market (or consider yourself a futurist, an innovator, a techy, or a thinker), then you should attend Formnext powered by TCT. This conference offers genuine value by bringing together a number of leading industry minds under one roof. You don’t want to miss what Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH’s Head of Division for Formnext, Sascha F. Wenzler, calls “the leading international conference and exhibition for additive manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent production solutions.” So, mark your calendars for July registration because come November 14th, Formnext powered by TCT is sure to amaze. (For more information about Formnext powered by TCT (exhibitors/products, travel/stay in Frankfurt, floorplans etc.) please visit our website.

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